About Little Flower

Little Flowers Visitation Sr. Sec. Convent School is run and managed by School Management Society through the efficient, dedicated and selfless service of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary.

The name of the school “Little Flower” comes from one of the greatest Saints of the time, St. Therese of Lisieux popularly known as Little Flower of Child Jesus. It was because of her child-like simplicity and total trust in the providence of God that she often saw visions of flower falling down from heaven. “Do little things with great love” says Little Flower of Child Jesus. She believed in doing little things passionately with great zeal and enthusiasm. “Only self surrender can place me in the arms of Jesus.” said the Little Flower.

Little Flowers Visitation Sr. Sec. Convent School was established in 1994. The School is regarded as the Best School in area and always stands First in Academic and Co-curricular Activities. School secured almost 100% Results in C.B.S.E. X & XII for the last 25 years. Little Flowers Visitation Sr. Sec. Convent School Students have been participating in all Cultural Competitions and co-curricular activities and gets 1st & 2nd prize at Zonal, District & State level.

Vision and mission

The cultural ethos streamlined over the past years will continue to enlighten our new educational venture. We promise to create a centre of excellence. Value based education to all in this modern World is our main concern. We are committed to give ample chance of education to the marginalized and the under privileged in the society. We vouch for the best coaching possible for all the budding kids, which will enable them to emerge as successful, courageous sincere and patriotic citizens. We visualize an Internal and total development of the child and the realization of this vision is our mission.

To instill in pupils. strong values through an all round education with special emphasis on physical, moral, emotional and spiritual development in addition to academic excellence.

To develop our students to be
  • Morally upright
  • Intellectually well informed
  • Socially concerned
  • Nationally conscious and appreciative of their culture
  • Emotionally balanced
  • Physically well developed
  • Capable of loving and serving their fellow beings.